Fundamental Rights to Freedom

People are locked into barracks surrounded by barbed wire fences in immigrant camps. LGBTQI people are not allowed to be who they really are. Right wing parties all over the world have discovered the fundamental rights to freedom, but they believe these rights only apply to vaccination and wearing of masks. Let’s remind them that there are people who are really deprived of their freedom!

Foundamental Right to Freedom #03 ‘No Way Out’ – 58 x 25 cm (oil on canvas)

This painting is a take on the three monkeys who don’t hear, see and speak. We are locked into our little boxes of life and see no way out. Maybe we just need to look another way and find that there is a big opening behind us.

Making of Man #02 – 70 x 100 cm (oil on canvas)
Making of Man #01 – 70 x 100 cm (oil on canvas)

These two paintings symbolise the way we are brought into this world as helpless creatures, already deprived of freedom by religion and society … and how they still pull our strings.

Foundamental Right to Freedom #01 – ‘Religion’ – 65 x 50 cm (oil on cardboard)
Foundamental Right to Freedom #02 – ‘Suffering’ – 65 x 50 cm (oil on cardboard)

So much suffering is caused by the various religions of this world.
Do you really believe that yours is the one true religion? Isn’t it far more logical that there is no true religion at all?
The truth is that all religions are conspiracy theories. That’s why they are so different, that’s why you simply have to believe without prove.
Knowing this shows how dangerous conspiracy theories can be when people start to follow them blindly.


Fairies is one of the word used to describe gay people, meant to be derogatory. For me fairies are amazing, magical creatures. In the ‘Tinkerbell’ series the fairy stands for the beautiful world open to gay people. Will you follow it? Will it transform you when it touches you?

Wearing masks in schools and kindergarten has a negative effect on children. How much worse must be the damage if we have to cover parts of our body from childhood on? Not just in schools and shops, but even at home and in our families. It is not just a rule to wear something, but even a ban to take it off. It has damaged us in a way that we believe we have to protect our children from seeing these body parts, even in pictures.
Of these paintings two were taken off social media because people believe they could harm their children. An Austrian museum had been banned by this platform for showing Schiele paintings. That’s highly alarming.
So these paintings, as all nude paintings are speaking out against bigotry.