Energy, Ecstasy and Contemplation

Break your chains and be who you are!

Ecstasy #02 – 42×59 cm (ink on paper)

Be There

Love is not about gender, age or race. It’s about being there for each other.

Be There #01 “Dream” – 59×42 cm (ink on paper)


Lean back and simply enjoy yourself.

Recreation #01 “Cellphone” – 59×42 cm (ink on paper)


Have a break and reflect on yourself. You are not like everybody else, you are special!

Contemplation #07 “Balance” – 29 x 42 cm (ink on paper)


Pure energy, no compromise

Energy #02 – 21×28 cm (ink on paper)


How many brushstrokes are necessary to express yourself?

Minimalist #04 – 21×28 cm (ink on paper)

Attraction and Allure Series

Drawings from my sketchbooks about love and seduction